Public Works Department

The Public Works Department is in charge of Engineering, Development, Operations & Maintenance, Code Enforcement and Permits for all infrastructure and facilities owned and operated by the Mountain House Community Services District (MHCSD).

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nader shareghi

Nader Shareghi

Director, Public Works Department


The Department sets standards for the design, development and construction of streets, utilities, and other public infrastructure. Public Works ensures that all public utilities and facilities are in place and maintained for the residents of Mountain House. In addition the Public Works Department reviews and makes recommendations on development applications and annexations, the Department checks plans to ensure compliance with current regulations and identifies whether proposed development will have an impact on the surrounding environment. It operates and maintains all facilities owned by MHCSD to provide services to the community and ensure the facilities are properly maintained and operated. It also ensures proper enforcement of all standards, master restrictions as well as compliance with all MH Ordinances.

Engineering & Design

The Engineering Division ensures that all public works  development projects, Capital Improvement projects, transportation systems, storm drainage systems , sewer systems, Water Supply and distribution, water and sewage treatment facilities, landscaping , public building , etc and meet community requirements. Engineering provides general oversight of Development services, Capital Improvement Program, construction inspection and traffic and transportation engineering.

Development Services

The Development Division ensures that all development planning, map review process and transportation planning is in compliance with the MHCSD Master Plan, design guidelines and county approved documents. It also oversees the MARA, PLEP, annexation and fee reimbursement process. It oversees flood control and flood plane management.

  • Subdivision Maps
    • Builders
    • Contractors
  • Transportation Permit
  • Surveying
  • Mitigation Monitoring
  • Annexations
  • Easements / ROW
  • CEQA Coordination
  • DCRC/Planning Commission
  • Addressing
  • Transportation Plan
  • Transit

Operations and Maintenance

The Operation and Maintenance Division maintains public utilities, facilities and community areas within Mountain House Community Services District. Operations and Maintenance is responsible for:

Public Utilities


Street Lights

Bikeways maintenance


Parks & Landscaping

Fountain Schedule


Fleet Management

Treatment Plants

Flood Control

Traffic Signals

Security/ Safety

Graffiti Removal

Street Sweeping Schedule

Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement Division ensures compliance with MHCSD ordinances, CC and R’s (Master Restrictions) and other community approvals. It enforces the MHCSD regulations and issues various permits. It oversees the construction of new homes to ensure compliance with the MHCSD standards and Master Plan. Enforcement is based on two components, the Master Restrictions and the Mountain House Ordinances. The goal of the Master Restrictions is to inform, educate, and create a community with natural aesthetics, environmental protections and sustainable growth. The Mountain House Ordinances are in place to ensure safety and compliance with local, state and federal laws, as they apply to building codes, zoning, architectural design and all public activities within our jurisdiction.

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