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Government & Committees Overview

Community Services Districts are a form of independent local government used to provide services in a county's unincorporated areas.

In unincorporated areas, basic services like water, sewer, security, and fire protection are usually provided by the county. Because counties often consist of large and diverse geographical areas, providing a consistent and adequate service level across all areas can be difficult. Consequently, the Community Services District Law (Government Code §61000- 61850) was created to provide an alternate method of providing services in unincorporated areas. The law allows residents of an unincorporated area to initiate the formation of a community services district (also referred to as “CSD”). A CSD is authorized to provide a wide variety of services, including water, garbage collection, wastewater management, security, fire protection, public recreation, street lighting, mosquito abatement, conversion of overhead utilities to underground, library services, ambulance services, and graffiti abatement. A CSD may span unincorporated areas of multiple cities and/or counties. A CSD may issue bonds or form an improvement district to issue bonds, as any City or County might do. Any bond issuance or other long-term debt will require a 2/3rds majority approval of registered voters residing within the CSD.

Why a Community Services District is needed. Small communities may not have the tax base necessary to incorporate into a city. Instead, residents must rely on the county to provide all essential services. In most cases, due to the scope of their requirements, counties cannot provide tailored services to any one community. This leaves residents with little local control over services and no easy way to address problems or complaints. Once a CSD is formed, the residents elect a board of residents to oversee CSD management and operations. Through board meetings and local presence, the community directly says what types and levels of service it receives. Overall this independent form of local government can be much more responsive to a community’s needs.

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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is elected to advise, govern, oversee policies, and support the Mountain House Community Services District’s mission to provide responsive services to our growing community that exceeds expectations at a fair value.


Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes

The Mountain House Community Services District Board meets every second Wednesday of the month at 7 pm in the Board Room at 251 E. Main St. Board meetings are open to the public. MHCSD Board agendas are posted at the MHCSD offices and on-line.

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Board Committees

Board Committees help define an issue, resolve a problem and involve the community. Each committee formed has a clearly defined purpose, and they work together to bring awareness of community needs to the collective Board of Directors.


County and State Contacts

When an issue requires a higher government official, use this page to contact the County and State Representatives for the Mountain House Community Services District.


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Mountain House Community Services District

251 E. Main Street 
Mountain House, CA 95391
Phone: (209) 831-2300
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Office Hours:
Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Closed daily for lunch from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm.

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